Chicken vests

About a week ago, @farmgeek tweeted a link to this website, that showed chickens wearing vests. Immediately I knew what my next project would be.

Can I just add that:

1. Catching chickens and then dressing them in buttoning-up woollen vests is not easy.

2. Quasimodo and Jackie did not appreciate their sartorial splendour.

3. They are now enjoying a mix of warm stew and rice for their fashionista efforts.

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10 Responses to “Chicken vests”

  1. Rochelle Elliot Says:

    Oh my chickens, this is hilarious… I can only imagine how funny it would have been to watch you dressing these chooks! I think the rainbow one is splendid!

  2. sheryll Says:

    Pretty swish – all ready for a night out on the town!

  3. Leonie Wise Says:

    People put weird clothing on their dogs and dress up their cats, so I don’t see why chickens should have to miss out on the experience.


  4. Richard FD Says:

    Oh dear!!!

  5. Sweet Living Magazine Says:

    Ha! Love this idea!

  6. Sweet Living Magazine Says:

    Ha! Love it!

  7. · Cheesecake for the win! Says:

    […] a link to a picture of the chicken that laid one of the eggs in their dish, especially when that chicken was wearing a crocheted vest. So really, I probably ought to be sharing this with the owner of the chickens, thanking her […]

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