Tomatoes: 2012

This year’s tomato crop has been a flop. Our mediocre summer meant that instead of enjoying tomatoes throughout the warmer season, I’ve only been able to really harvest our toms in the past few weeks. At least they’ve ripened before winter rot sets in. Maybe it’s time to invest in a glasshouse…

Only three varities grew really well in my patch this year: Golden Pear Drop, Dew Drop Cluster & Black Krim. The ones I planted from seed have only just started flowering now, which is all a bit hopeless! But I’ve managed to pick lots of the little yellows and reds, and large fleshy Black Krims before the birds got to them, and have bottled three jars’ worth, with garlic, thyme and basil thrown in. I’ve also harvested enough fruit to add to some of our evening meals. As far as I’m concerned, the perfect partners for freshly-picked tomatoes are olive oil, garlic & balsamic vingear. If you’re feeling fancy, throw in a handful of chopped herbs – like thyme or basil. I often throw pork sausages on top of tomatoes dressed in this fashion, then whack the lot in the oven and roast them together.

Another recipe I’ve enjoyed a few times over the past few weeks is tomato salad, thanks to this lovely blog. Simply take whatever tomatoes you have on-hand, chop them, pop them in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, splash some balsamic vinegar overtop and add some torn basil leaves & a dash of salt and pepper. This is truly summer heaven in a bowl.

But if you don’t have any tomatoes, then it’s time to visit Nikau Cafe and try their incredible haloumi and tomato salad. Make sure you eat slowly, and then order some plum icecream to top it off.

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  1. Danny Says:

    Your tomatoes look beautiful though — love all the color and variety!

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